About Us

Ohai! We're Cutesy Crap! It's probably obvious to you by now, but we sell things. They tend to be cute.

We're a small company based out of Minnesota in the United States. We were founded in 2017 by an I.T. guy who loves running into cute things while in Japan, making connections, being snarky, and Oxford Commas.

Hey, Ladies

Let's be honest: statistically speaking, most of this stuff here is probably more up your alley. You're our primary customer. Lots of ladies just cut out the middleman entirely and get the thing(s) they want for themselves.

Hey, Gentlemen

Don't be shy here, bruh. Get yourself a shiba inu face pillow or cat paw socks and rock that shit. If anyone asks, look them straight in the eye, and tell 'em where you got it. Seriously: we have a friend who wears this kind of stuff, and still sweeps the sea clean of all protein when we meet up for sushi.

Hey, Everyone Else

If a lot of our stuff seems to fit a gender binary, please know that's not deliberate. If you have recommendations for products that would be a good fit for our site and would appeal to a trans or non-binary group, we are all ears! Please drop us a line at help@cutesycrap.com. In the meantime, we hope you can find something here that appeals to you!

We try to keep it fun around here. If our products can help, then we have served our purpose!