Corgi Butt Car Tissue Holder
Corgi Butt Car Tissue Holder
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Corgi Butt Car Tissue Holder

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Pulling your tissues from a corgi's tush is surprisingly one of the most satisfying things we've done lately. Filling it is easy: just open the zipper, insert the tissue pack of your choice, feed the first one through his widdle chute, re-zip, re-strap, and you're off to the races.

Can be also strapped to the back of a headrest or visor if you want to hog the rump for yourself.

Perfect for:

  • Literally any of your friends/family... These make for great gifts!
  • You, a fluffbutt aficionado and connoisseur
  • Uber/Lyft drivers looking to get a laugh (and 5-star reviews!) out of their passengers
  • Parents looking to keep their kids' attention off of them while driving
  • People with friends who have a good sense of humor

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