Dogs of Farmers Markets - 2017-08-27

We weren't able to get outside and enjoy today's cool weather for long, but we were able to snap some pics of these two beautiful corgis while at the Linden Hills Farmer's Market in Minneapolis!

Corgi #1: Delovely

We met this gorgeous corgo first! Delovely's giant ears and short legs drew our attention like a magnet!

Delovely the Corgi

And of course, dat butt!

Delovely the corgi... from behind


Corgi #2: Clover

We ran into Clover on our way out, and boy are we glad we stayed long enough to meet her! She's a super-soft, and still growing into her ears!

Clover the corgi

Clover sat on a chalk drawing while we fawned over her, and inevitably ended up with some chalk on her bum!

Clover the corgi... from behind


Do you have a cute pet or spot of your own? Send your pics to us at, and we might feature them on our site!

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